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Shelter Cove

Nature Project

The Shelter Cove Nature Project aims to enhance public education that leads to knowledge and appreciation of biology, wildlife, and wild lands. It is a collaboration between the Pacific Coast Environmental Conservancy (PCEC) and the Shelter Cove Arts & Recreation Foundation (SCARF).


Shelter Cove, CA, is situated within the King Range National Conservation Area (KRNCA) and is surrounded by dramatic mountains, extensive forest wilderness, and the Pacific Ocean.  There are few places that are as pristine and wild along an ocean coast.  The KRNCA is the largest undeveloped and remote coastline in the continental United States.  This region has a special role in the modern world, as a natural bank of indigenous wildlife ranging across plants and animals and other types of organisms, and it also serves as a valuable "reference area" for scientific comparisons when studying human-impacted environments.

As Shelter Cove is the only human community in this coastal wilderness region, it is where many visitors come to stay and enjoy each year.  The aim of the Shelter Cove Nature Project is to help the public access, enjoy, and better understand this remarkable place while enhancing appreciation of its importance.

This project developed and now maintains this Shelter Cove Nature Website, serving as an easily accessible resource to learn about the wilderness and wildlife in the region.  The website provides more information on the animal species featured in the printed Shelter Cove Wild Animals Guide (available at the Shelter Cove Visitor's Center) and also includes animal species not featured in the Guide.  The Terrestrial Vertebrate Species Web-Database for Shelter Cove, CA, which is updated on an ongoing basis, holds and provides access to descriptions of animal species and their biology, interesting facts, and useful additional resources such as maps, guides, and links to outside resources. 

SCARF and PCEC recently developed the Shelter Cove "Feature My Creature" Challenge which prompts kids and adults alike to explore one or more of Shelter Cove's three developed nature trails and then produce a "Creature-Feature Portfolio" describing and documenting an identified wild animal resident.  Prizes and publication of the portfolios on this website provide recognition for the effort and bring excitement to engaging nature!  Coming Soon!

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  Maps & Useful Info

on Shelter Cove

and its Nature Trails


Terrestrial Vertebrate Species


for Shelter Cove, CA, Region

Provides more detailed biological information and interesting facts about the wild terrestrial vertebrate species residing in and around Shelter Cove, CA



with PCEC!

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News and Updates

OCT. 2020



Shelter Cove, CA Wild Animals Guide - Terrestrial Vertebrates 2020

Created and produced through a collaboration between PCEC and the Shelter Cove Arts & Recreation Foundation (SCARF), this printed Guide helps visitors and residents alike to identify and view wild animals living in Shelter Cove and the King Range National Conservation Area (Southern Humboldt County, California, USA). Available free, at the Shelter Cove Visitor's Center.

NOV. 2020

Shelter Cove "Feature My Creature" Challenge

The Feature My Creature Challenge is to explore the Shelter Cove nature trails or beyond, and to identify one or more animal species featured in the Wild Animals Guide or the Shelter Cove Nature Website, or identify evidence that the animal was there!  Then, submit a Creature-Feature Portfolio, including a picture and short description of your findings and interesting facts about the animal you identified (the website will help you in this).  Awards will be given for submitted Portfolios, with special recognition for rare or hard-to-find animals!  We will also publish your Portfolio on the Website, providing evidence that you made a scientific contribution.  Coming Soon!!

NOV. 2020

Terrestrial Vertebrate Species Web-Database for the Shelter Cove Area in King Range National Conservation Area, Humboldt County, CA.

Provides access to scientific information and resources on the terrestrial vertebrate animal species found in the vicinity of Shelter Cove, CA.  Species information including biological descriptions, distribution (range) maps, photos, and links to regional, national, and other resources are provided.  Produced and maintained by PCEC for the purpose of public education and appreciation of wildlife and wild lands.

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