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PCEC is committed to the health and sustainability of the unique, complex, and integrated environments of the Pacific Coast -- ocean and estuary, mountains and watersheds

Through enhancing science-based understanding of challenges facing Pacific Coast environments, we inform rational solutions and factual education

Specific Aims:
Clam on a Hook
Clam on a Hook
Clam on a Hook
Clam on a Hook

PCEC emphasizes scientific assessment and research to improve understanding of human impacts in the environment. This is aimed at informing rational and effective policies and mitigation strategies.

PCEC emphasizes evaluation of biological organisms living within impacted environments--such as fish residing in a chemically contaminated aquatic habitat.  Thus, organism response serves as a key approach in determining cause and impact.

PCEC purposely integrates its educational mission with its science-based activities.

Direct engagement of students (university, K-12) and the public in current environmental research and education expands understanding of environmental challenges and science-based approaches and solutions.

PCEC encourages and pursues collaboration. This diversifies and enriches the expertise as well as perspectives that can be applied to environmental challenges and education.

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